10 Brides Who Totally Rocked Pastel Wedding Hair Styles

Pastel Pink Hair

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A birdcage veil is the perfect accessory to accent your colored ‘do.

Pastel Hair Color

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Add some purple to your pastel pink hair for an ombre effect.

Pastel Blue Hair

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Pastel blue hair remains stunning, even when it’s not styled super fancy.

Pastel Hair Colours

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Lilac or pastel purple hair is chic when braided.

Pastel Hair Colors

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Extra points if you can get your bridesmaids to rock different colored hair for the day.

Colored Hair

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Here’s another gorgeous ombre look with orange to pink.

Pastel Hair

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Even a simple ponytail will do – let your hair color be the focal point, not the wedding hair styles.

Pastel Purple Hair

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Use coordinating pastel hair colors for a watercolor effect.

Wedding Hair Styles

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Even red can be toned down to a pastel shade.

Mermaid Hair

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Opal or mermaid hair is gorgeous, and still looks great when in a bun.

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  1. Linda says:

    The first one is my favourite. I like the different shades of pink.

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