10 Unusual / Crazy Locations To Get Married

Out with the old, in with the new.  Traditional weddings just don’t cut it anymore for some couples.  Some couples are sticking with traditional venues and opting for unusual games, activities and themes - whereas some couples dare to tie the knot in an unusual way.  Here’s 10 unusual and crazy locations for adventuresome couples.

Winter Wedding, Ice Hotel, Unique Places To Get Married, Québec City, CanadaSource

Looking for an unusual wedding location for your winter wedding?  An Ice Hotel may be for you!  Carved completely out of ice and compacted snow, these unique hotels boast a feeling of romance and the exoticism you may be looking for.  Shown here is the Hôtel de Glace 10 minutes outside of Québec City.

Canada not far enough away for you? There are many of these ice hotels in Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Finland are exotic and far away places to uniquely tie the knot. Why not get married in the Arctic Circle? Rovaniemi, Finland boasts a beautiful landscape and features during certain months the Northern Lights and glass igloos for your guests to see the untouched earth in all her glory.  Rovaniemi also features Christmas village - Christmas year round.  A highly unique place to tie the knot.

unusual places to get married: bungee jump


Not daredevil enough for you? How about literally taking the plunge like this couple did with a bungee cord wedding?  After saying their vows they jumped and had their first kiss mid-air.

BRITAIN AIR WEDDING - Unusual Places To MarrySource

This couple flew over the English countryside near Rendcomb airfield, England and got married. The wedding service was conducted over an airborne communications system, with the ceremony played through loud speakers to the congregation waiting on the ground below. How’s that for an unusual place to marry?

wedding in a shark tank - unusual places to get marriedSource

April Pignataro and Michael Curry donned wet suits and diving gear and got into a cage which was lowered into a shark tank in a NY Aquarium.

tying the knot rock climbing - unusual places to get marriedSource

This couple decided to marry and take photographs as they rock climbed in Liuzhou, China

couple marries on twitter - unusual places to get marriedSource

While gathered in a room with their officiant and witnesses, the officiant carried out full the ceremony on Twitter — including the bride and groom tweeting out their vows.

married in a haunted house - in hell - unusual way to get marriedSource

Marriage can be hell.  This couple chose to get married by the Grim Reaper in a Haunted House Cemetery.

IL insane asylum wedding - unusual places to get marriedSource

Some say couples are crazy to get married, so why not in an insane asylum.  One couple renewed their vows at the Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane.  Ahh, love is insane isn’t it?


For a unique place that is out of this world, you can marry on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft.  It just may set you back a few hundred thousand.

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