100 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Marriage Rock

100 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Marriage Rock

The other day a good friend of mine told me about challenge, 100 Happy Days where you post a photo of 1 thing that makes you happy everyday for 100 days.  I thought about the challenge and wanted to make a challenge for my readers and myself in an effort to make my relationship rock.

Is your marriage incredible?  Whether it is a rocky road or absolutely rockin’ there are little things you can do right now to turn it from average to awesome.  I challenge you to do one of these things everyday for your partner and also add to the list by commenting in the section below, tell me what you’ve done to make your marriage rock.  I’ll add your suggestions to this list and keep it updated for everyone to read.

100 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

( and Make It Rock )

  1. Write them a letter (or a blog like this)
  2. Hide a secret notes for them to find
  3. Make them their favorite meal or dessert
  4. Send them a text message during work - just because
  5. Call them right now and tell them you appreciate them
  6. Plan a date night - and go on it!
  7. Make it a point to compliment them
  8. Learn to accept their compliments
  9. Tell them you love them (everyday, even if you’re mad)
  10. Kiss them hello, goodbye and goodnight
  11. Kiss them in front of your kids
  12. Kiss them just because - no reason needed!
  13. Kiss them like you mean it, you know those passionate, knock you off your feet, take your breath away kisses
  14. Make it a point to eat dinner together most of the nights of the week (or at least one meal a day)
  15. Go to bed at the same time, if you’re not tired read a book
  16. Enjoy pillow talk, even if it is just for a few minutes
  17. Never go to bed angry
  18. Share a song - dedicate it to them
  19. Post the video to that song on their Facebook wall
  20. Offer to give them a massage or get a couples massage
  21. Talk about their dreams, desires, goals and wants
  22. Plan a dream vacation together, make a jar for “vacation funds”
  23. Make sure they know they are your best friend (tell them if you have to!)
  24. Don’t nag
  25. Make an effort to change one habit they don’t like
  26. Choose not to be annoyed by their annoying habit
  27. Tickle each other
  28. Wrestle naked
  29. Start a pillow fight
  30. Laugh together
  31. Dream together
  32. Be affectionate towards each other
  33. Reminisce about your favorite memories
  34. Dance with them, for no reason at all
  35. Hold their hand in public
  36. Share a night in, without distractions
  37. Make sex a priority
  38. Initiate sex, don’t wait. Let each other know you love them & are interested in them.
  39. Post an inspirational love quote on your fridge
  40. Develop a hobby or a common interest you both can share
  41. Show interest in their passions
  42. Pray together
  43. Take photos together
  44. Hang a photo of the both of you in your space
  45. Pick your battles, not everything is a fight
  46. Make an effort to look your best for them
  47. Surprise them with a gift (doesn’t have to be expensive!)
  48. Wash, vacuum and fill up the car (without them knowing or asking)
  49. Engage in meaningful communication
  50. Let each other sleep in
  51. Plan your budget together
  52. Get out of debt (and stay out of it)
  53. Forgive quickly
  54. Love unconditionally
  55. Be honest, but not hurtful
  56. Argue fairly, don’t accuse
  57. Apologize when you are wrong
  58. Think before you speak, especially when you are angry
  59. Stop, and just listen
  60. Be kind
  61. Tell them they are sexy, especially when they don’t feel it
  62. Surprise them with breakfast in bed
  63. Give at least 4 hugs a day (and 12 for growth according to this article)
  64. Allow them to enjoy a night out with their friends
  65. Sit next to them at dinner, not across, next to
  66. Exercise together - a walk, hike, bike ride
  67. Thank them (for doing things for you and thank them just because)
  68. Be present in the moment - put away distractions when you are with them
  69. Share secrets
  70. Tell them something they don’t know about you
  71. Encourage them
  72. Support their dreams, support each other
  73. Look them in the eye when they are talking to you
  74. Look them in the eyes when you are in bed together
  75. Look them in the eyes when you are intimate and when you orgasm
  76. Snuggle, just because
  77. Allow them time alone (to enjoy a bath or watch the game)
  78. Enjoy your time together
  79. Do each others chores (without being asked)
  80. Bring her flowers, or bring him coffee (or something else that’s a favorite of theirs)
  81. Exchange romantic coupons
  82. Talk positively about your spouse to others
  83. Make it a point not to criticize them (and never in front of others!)
  84. Wear something they love to see you in
  85. Be loyal to each other, even in your thoughts
  86. Realize you are a team
  87. Maintain a united front, “You and Me against the world” attitude
  88. Make decisions together, especially the big ones
  89. Improve yourself, become the partner you want to have
  90. Don’t forget to be spontaneous!
  91. Create something together - a piece of art, a garden, plant a tree
  92. Surround yourself with couples who are happily married
  93. Make them feel needed (without being needy)
  94. Greet them when they come home. Let them know you missed them.  Kiss them hello.
  95. Read a passage of a book, or a romantic poem
  96. Make your sacred space (your bedroom) comfortable, inviting and romantic - keep the kids out (even its just 1 night)
  97. Share a secret signal that only you two “get”
  98. Never let them feel that they are second place
  99. Trust each other
  100. Know that even when they aren’t at their best, they still rock.

Help other couples like your self! Tell us in the comments below what little things you’ve done to improve your marriage and made it rock?

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