21 Funny Wedding Fails That Might Happen to You

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Planning a wedding is hard. You might be in for a rude awakening if you don’t know what to expect when you’re getting ready to say “I do.” To help you stay on your toes, we compiled these wedding fantasy vs. reality instances and funny wedding fails that could happen to anyone.

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Fantasy: My bridesmaids are going to be so helpful with the planning!
Reality: I couldn’t get in touch with half of them when I needed them.

Fantasy: I’m going to lose 15 pounds by my wedding date!
Reality: I got so stressed out, I gained the 15 instead of losing it.

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Fantasy: My DJ won’t play any of the stupid songs like ‘Cupid Shuffle’ and ‘Cotton Eyed Joe.’
Reality: A drunk party guest requested the ‘Cha Cha Slide.’

Fantasy: My fiance is going to be involved in the wedding planning.
Reality: When I ask him what he thinks, he doesn’t even look up and just says “sure babe, whatever you want.” It’s OK–all of his ideas are stupid anyway.

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Fantasy: The best man is going to stay sober.
Reality: He got wasted in the limo on the way to the church, made an embarrassing speech at the reception, and tried to kiss my grandma.

Fantasy: I’m going to have wild sex on my wedding night!
Reality: I’m too fucking tired, and he got so drunk he passed out immediately.

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Fantasy: My invitations will come out perfect on the first proof.
Reality: I had to send back ten changes before they finally got it right.

Fantasy: The flower girl and ring bearer will look so adorable walking down the aisle!
Reality: She couldn’t stop crying, and he was more interested in picking his nose than carrying the rings.

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Fantasy: The weather’s gonna be great!
Reality: It torrential down poured in the city, or it was so windy on the beach that we couldn’t get any nice pictures and my hair was ruined.

Fantasy: I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry
Reality: I ruined my makeup.

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Fantasy: I can’t wait to enjoy that three-course meal!
Reality: I was so caught up with talking to guests, I missed the entire dinner.

Fantasy: That DIY Pinterest project is going to be so easy to do!
Reality: F this, I’m buying favors online.

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Fantasy: It will be so romantic to ride in a horse drawn carriage!
Reality: The horse kept pooping, and the smell made me nauseous.

Fantasy: I am NOT going to be a bridezilla.

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Fantasy: I’m gonna suck it up and wear these gorgeous stilettos the entire night!
Reality: I ditched the heels and went barefoot before I even hit the dance floor.

Fantasy: I’m not going to be in debt after this wedding.
Reality: I kept going over budget and now all my credit cards are maxed out.

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Fantasy: I’m gonna have a totally unique wedding that’s all my own!
Reality: The wedding I attended last week is exactly like mine.

Fantasy: We’re going to get married a year after our initial engagement.
Reality: With all the busyness in our lives, we didn’t marry until 4 years after.

Fantasy: He is NOT going to smash cake into my face.
Reality: I got cake smashed into my face.

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Fantasy: We’re going to splurge on an expensive honeymoon somewhere tropical.
Reality: We spent so much money on the wedding, we had to settle for Motel 6.

Fantasy: Everything is going to be perfect!
Reality: NOTHING is going to be perfect…

…and that’s OK! If anything, funny wedding fails make hilarious stories you’ll laugh about later on in life. So don’t stress the little things–everything will fall into place.

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