25 Fun, Unique Wedding Send Off & Wedding Toss Ideas

Let’s face it, rice is a traditional old-school congratulatory wedding send-off, but it’s not friendly at all! Ever been pelted with sharp little grains of the uncooked variety? It’s not fun at all!  (It actually hurts!) And rice in the air doesn’t make for great wedding photos either.  If you’re looking for some fun, creative and unique wedding send off ideas here are 25 fun things to toss, instead of rice.



Confetti comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  If you have signature wedding colors, such as blush and gold, you could add an awesome pop of the color with your send off.  Anything bright or metallic will add instant glow and fun to your photos.

From poppers to cones – to even balloons that guests can pop here are some colorful confetti ideas:

Confetti balloons are an easy DIY.  You can prep unfilled balloons with paper confetti, but someone would need to fill them with helium on the day of your wedding.  Guests would need a pin, toothpick or something pointy to pop the balloons – sending confetti everywhere!


Cap Gun Wedding Send Off

source: theknot

Cap Guns

While theknot.com had these filed under wedding favors inspiration – these may be perfect favors for the kiddos attending or great for a fun send off!  While these will not add any color to your photos, it will send you off with a bang!

Glitter Wedding Send Off


A little glitter goes a long way!  Glitter gets on everything – and will get on everyone.  Some guests may not want glitter in their hair or all over their suits.  But hey YOLO. Have your guests throw/blow glitter everywhere.  Let it rain glitter!

Lavender Wedding Send Off

Lavender Fields

Something a bit more romantic, are these cones filled with dried lavender. Made from old book pages, cones are easy to make – just a little cutting and glue sticks required.  Fill with lavender and it will smell lovely for your wedding send off.

Sprinkles Wedding Send Off


My boyfriend would love this.  Actually, he probably would say this is a waste of perfectly good sprinkles.  I mean, man he puts sprinkles on about everything you can put sprinkles on.  This would be awesome if you had an ice cream bar (or truck) at your wedding.  Just use colored sprinkles if you want that pop of color.  These may hurt like rice though.

Paper Airplanes - Wedding Send Off Ideas

Paper Planes - Wedding Send Off

Paper Airplanes

Print your logo on paper of your choice and start folding!  Fly away on an adventure as your guests wish you well as you leave.

Rose Petal Wedding Send Off

Rose Petals

Romantic, traditional, not overly done anymore either.  Rose petals aren’t just for lining the wedding aisle.  Put a few in a cone and toss or blow.  Silk rose petals are relatively cheap, but if you want an environmentally friendly option, buy dehydrated real rose petals.

Butterfly Wedding Send Off

source: Jennifer Dunaway Photography


While butterflies may look pretty being released as you take photos, I’m squeamish of bugs, so I’ll pass.  But hey do your thing.  Butterflies are significant of new life and transformation, so they are a great wedding symbol.

Confetti Pom-pom Wedding Send Off

Pom Poms

This is a relatively cheap send off.  You can buy hundreds of these in assorted shapes and colors in local craft stores. They won’t hurt like rice, are easier to clean up than confetti and give that pop of color you may be craving for photos.

Bird Seed Wedding Send Off

Bird Seed

Whether you’re opting out of rice because it is harmful for birds, or you want to be eco-friendly, birdseed is still a cute and affordable option to consider.

Beach Balls for Wedding Send Off Ideas

Beach Balls

Whether you’re having a beach themed wedding, or a summer backyard BBQ – tossing mini beach balls is a cute and unique send off. We love this for casual outdoor weddings!

Wedding Wands - Ribbon Send Off

Wedding Wands

Wedding Wands have been around for years, but what is old is new again!  You can attach printed ribbons to plastic or wooden dowels or even attach bells to them.  Guest can also wave them at the reception for a ring for a kiss too!

feathers instead of rice for a send off


This photo reminds me of a snowy, winter wedding.  You can have guests toss feathers in the air everywhere – in any colors of your choosing.  This is a fab photo isn’t it?

Eco-Friendly Confetti – Biodegradable

Speaking of snow, Save on Crafts has this awesome biodegradable confetti that reminds me of snowflakes.  This is the perfect choice if you wedding venue will not allow you to throw bird seed, rice, or anything else that is not biodegradable.

Nerds - Candy Wedding Send Off


For a sweet send off, you can always package nerds – but some guests may eat these as their wedding favors.

tambourine wedding send off ideas


Really any musical instrument will do.  But tambourines are fun and can be inexpensive.

Eco Friendly leaves wedding toss ideas


All natural and made from nature – the only cost here is the cutters you’ll need to purchase to punch them out.  Great for fall weddings.  Or if you don’t want to punch out leaves, just use the real thing, like this couple here:

fall wedding toss ideas


Sequins Wedding Toss


Enjoy a little sparkle and shine in your day – by tossing sequins.  Great alternative to glitter that won’t stick to everything and still give you the sparkle you love.

Wedding Bubbles


Wedding bubbles are traditional, but look how pretty they can be!  Rather than make your guests blow bubbles as you walk down the aisle, consider buying a few inexpensive bubbles machines and solution and they will automatically blow hundreds upon hundreds of bubbles at once – giving you the look of the above.

Balloon Wedding Toss


Along the lines of bubbles, some couples choose to release balloons instead.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are pretty in photos, but be careful – some guests have noted that they have burned their dresses with them! In some states where fireworks are illegal, sparklers are prohibited.

Glow Sticks Wedding Toss

Glow Sticks

While they are pretty for nighttime weddings, does this couple look like they are having fun by having all those glow sticks thrown at them?  As long as your guests wave them in the air, then you’ll be ok.

Glow Wands

Glow Wands

An alternative to glow sticks are glow wands – soft styrofoam wands that have different functions when you press the button on the bottom – plus they can be personalized with your hashtag, names or message.



Soft, and fun for winter weddings, why not package up mini marshmallows to toss?

Pixie Dust Wedding Toss

Pixie Dust

Granted these little jars above have just glitter in them, but you can fill small jars with whatever “dust” you would like and label them pixie dust to toss.  And maybe some to keep for a little bit of luck.

We’ve seen so many ideas for the wedding toss that it’s hard to list every one.  In the comments below, tell us what you used for your wedding send off and we may feature you in a future post!


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