35 Ideas For Wedding Ring Tattoos

till death wedding tattoo ringsI’m picky about my ink and I’m definitely picky about small tattoo designs.  When getting ink in small spaces such as your ring finger - for your wedding ring tattoo - it takes a skilled artist to make a small tattoo clean, crisp and beautiful.  Keep in mind that intricate designs that are meant to be bigger can tend to look fuzzy or blurry if the artist is not experienced in their craft.  Also keep in mind that tattoos inked under the finger typically do not hold - they can fade, get blurry and wash out.  So the most important thing to look for before getting your wedding ring tattoo is to make sure your tattoo artist has prior experience in tattooing fingers and small areas.

There is nothing like expressing your love in permanent ink - it is meant to last forever just like the tattoo. I’ve been entertaining the idea of getting some ink to symbolize my love with my beau, but just haven’t been able to decide exactly what I wanted to get.  Since both our names start with E I was thinking of getting a lower case e2 (E squared) behind my ear.  But I’m also a bit superstitious and I’m not sure if I ink my lover’s initials on my body if my love will be doomed! I began researching ideas for wedding ring tattoos and came up with 35 unique wedding and finger tattoo ideas for couples that I think you’ll love.

Sugar skull tattoo wedding rings

Nothing says love like ‘Till Death Do Us Part - whether you ink the words or use symbols such as sugar skulls the meaning of forever is the same

Circle of Love Wedding Ring Tattoo

Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo

Infinity and Circle of Love Tattoos are popular as well for the symbolic meaning that love never ends. These are more traditional wedding ring tattoos

Initial Wedding Ring Tattoos

Initial Wedding Ring Tattoos

I’ve seen a lot of initial tattoos, some done well, and most done in very typical script fonts.  I love the use of the typewriter font in the first photo and the uniqueness of the initials in the second photo.  If you’re going to go the initial or monogram route - select a font style that is unique to your style as a couple.


Each others names are very popular as well

celtic wedding ring tattoo

celtic wedding ring tattoos

Celtic knots, love knots and Claddah ring designs are very popular for their significance and meaning. I’d stay away from color tattoos on fingers though as they tend to fade quicker than black tats do.

simple wedding ring tattoo

Simple wedding ring tattoos can also be great, especially if you’re going to wear your ring over them.  It could be your little secret that only the two of you know.

heart wedding ring tatoos

heart wedding ring tatoos

Heart ring tattoos are always popular, some are simple, some I’ve seen with scroll, Celtic and tribal twists.  But the one above with wings is probably one of my favorite heart wedding band tattoos I’ve seen.



Whether you are a musician or love music there’s nothing like getting inked “your song” as a beautiful wedding band tattoo.


Wedding Ring Tattoos44

A wedding is after all, a spiritual event, why not get symbols of your everlasting eternity symbolic of your religious beliefs?




Although this is a post about tattooed wedding bands, I couldn’t help but squeeze this one in.  I love holding my beau’s hand and having the word “Love” come together when you hold his is a unique tattoo to share. Likewise, wrist tattoos such as you are the piece to each others’ puzzle or the anchor that keeps you both grounded are also symbolic.  You need not get a ring to symbolize the joining of one.







intertwined fish hooks wedding ring / wedding band tattoos

nautical wedding ring tattoos, compass and ships wheel

symbols as wedding band tattoos

sailor's knot design wedding ring tattoo - Nautical wedding band tattoo

script initials as wedding band tattoos

wedding ring tattoo idea - ink your wedding date

tribal or celtic heart wedding ring tattoo design

red-string-of-fate-couples-tattooKnown as the red string of fate,  people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

initials with band, wedding ring tattoos

bride and groom ring finger tattoos

Ink something that is uniquely you.  Dare to be different and tattoo something that is special and meaningful to you as a couple.  These types of wedding tattoos are often better than any generic style of tattoo you could find online.  Now pinky swear to share with me your own wedding ring tattoos!  Are you getting one? Do you like them? Are you getting ink for your wedding?

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