25 Unique & Geeky Engagement Rings To Propose To Your Beloved

Marry Me Proposal Ring Box - EtsyWith wedding season just around the corner (I have 3 weddings to attend to this summer alone!) there are many women waiting for their beaus to pop the question - a question which usually comes after wedding season.  (You know, after he realizes all his friends are getting married…) Traditionally, fall through New Year’s is the most often time that the question, “Will you marry me?” is popped.  Why?  I’m not really sure - perhaps it is a time when most families are together and can share in the happiness of the couple, or maybe the diamond is a bright light on an otherwise gloomy winter’s night.  Or it could be the significance the turn of the clock at midnight on New Year’s Eve - a time for new beginnings.  Whatever the reason is, now is the time to start scouting out rings and planning when and how to pop the question to her. And if you are looking for ideas for unique engagement rings to use to pop this long awaited question, I’ve been scouring the web to find some of the more unique rings to ask your beloved to marry you.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

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2.0ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Set 14k Black Gold

14K Black Gold with Black and White Diamonds, what else could an alternative or rock ‘n roll bride ask for?

Floral Diamond Engagement Ring
Give her flowers that will last forever with this uniquely designed 14k White Gold Ring

Unique Two Diamond Engagement Ring

This unique swirl engagement ring features two baguette white diamonds and black pave diamonds

Dangle Diamond Engagement Ring

This pear shaped dangle diamond engagement ring is one of the most different rings I have seen.  It would look lovely with a matching eternity band.

Celtic Triple Spiral or Triskele Engagement Ring

Celtic Triple Spiral or Triskele diamond engagement ring was once used by Celtic Druids. Instead of a claddah or Celtic knot, propose to her with ring which is full or romance, mythology and is so very authentically Irish.

Ice Wave Engagement Ring

Sensual and flowing this distinctive Ice Wave Engagement Ring is a stunning work of art would be perfect for any art lover.

Gelin and Abaci GA-TR007

It wouldn’t be a post on unique engagement rings without a tension set engagement ring to show off.  I’ve seen this style in person and WOW even years after it being worn the diamond just SPARKLES.  With no prongs or anything to hold it in place except tension - the diamond shines like no other I’ve seen.  People will be in amazement on how the diamond just “floats”.

Halo Blue Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

Here’s her “Something Blue” with this vintage inspired blue diamond halo engagement ring. And the best part? It’s got 4.6 stars and it’s under $800! (also available with a white diamond a bit higher in price, but under $900 find the white version here

rose gold engagement ringThe increasing interest in rose gold engagement rings reflects the overall popularity of rose jewelry and this nature inspired Willow Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth is one you can feel good about knowing you purchased an ethical diamond.

Heartbeat Engagement Ring

This artsy heartbeat platinum and diamond engagement ring may be a bit offbeat, but that’s why we like it so much. Heartbeats symbolize everything we feel about love.  And I guarantee your heart will be racing when you propose with this ring.

Unique Engagement Ring

Your fingerprint, a diamond and custom engraving make this for a truly one of a kind proposal. And at only $275 for Sterling (more for Gold or Platinum) getting hitched can be affordable! Find Brent & Jess on Etsy

Geeky Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Make her feel like royalty with this gorgeous blue sapphire ring - the color is so deep it reminds me of a tropical destination!

Platinum Floral Engagement Ring

This unusual floral engagement ring feels like a flower is blooming on your hand.  Vintage in style this ring features a white sapphire center stone and diamonds along the sides.

Garnet Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring is set in a traditional halo style but is anything but traditional with its deep garnet center stone. Finnish designer Torkkeli Jewelry designs these in a number of sizes to fit your budget.  You may have to wait for it to ship from Finland, or you can just send me there to pick it up for you!

Lord of the Rings Engagement RingEngagement rings don’t have to be diamonds, in fact they can be anything of your choosing.  If you both love Lord of the Rings, why not propose in Elvish.  This ring reads, “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”

Egyptian Engagement Ring

Or perhaps, she’s like me and is fascinated by the esoteric mysteries of ancient Egypt.  This Anubis 14k gold ring would look lovely on her finger.

Star Trek Engagement Ring

Or you could … get engaged with this out of this world 14k and blue sapphire Star Trek Insignia Engagement Ring. This Etsy seller even has matching bands for him!

Infinity Engagement Ring

Show her that your love is to infinity (and beyond) with a custom infinity engagement ring.

Vous et nul autre engagement ring

Vous et nul Autre - You and No Other Ring Let her know she is the only woman for you with this French inspired poesy ring available in 14k gold or sterling silver.  These are appropriate for both men and women!

Disney Engagement Ring If she’s a Disney lover she’ll fall in love with this Mickey Mouse Engagement Ring by the Bradford Exchange.

Zelda Engagement Rings

If you’ve ever played the game, you need the ring! A peridot and blue diamond triforce Zelda engagement ring!

Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

Wiccans, Pagans, Buddhists and Hindus believe that rose quartz has powerful benefits, healing and opening the heart chakra.  Give her a spiritual engagement ring with meaning with this beautiful cushion-cut rose quartz ring. At only $120 it is made in 18k rose gold (shown) but can be made in your choice of metals and diamonds for additional charges.

The Crow Engagement Ring - Shelly's Ring

If you’ve seen the move The Crow you know this ring is also known as Shelly’s Ring. And any man willing to revenge your death is worth marrying.  Shelly’s Ring is available from RioFire on Etsy

Dr Who Police Box Engagement Ring

The amazing designers at Art & Gems Jewelers makes high end jewelry for the everyday geek - and this beautiful and stunning Police Box Dr Who engagement ring (shown in sapphire also available in diamond) would be perfect for him or her.

Binary Code Love Engagement / Wedding Rings

Finally, its LOVE in binary code! For all you computer geeks - here’s a beautiful way to express your love in code.  Buy it from Amy Waltz Designs on Etsy.

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