25 Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos To Swoon Over

They say diamonds are forever.  Your marriage will last the test of time.  A love that will last to infinity and beyond.  But, you know what truly lasts forever?  A tattoo.  Why not trade the bling of a ring for a shiny new tattoo to celebrate your newly engaged status?  It costs less than a diamond, it lasts longer – and hey, you can never lose it!  As a matter of fact, why not get matching ring finger tattoos to celebrate your awesome milestone?

I joked to my beau the other day, that instead of buying me a diamond, we should just go get inked with wedding ring tattoos.  What’s more romantic than saying I’m yours for eternity than marking the occasion permanently? The most recent statistics I could find were from National Jeweler which listed the average cost of an engagement ring to be $5,855 in 2014.  So one could only imagine the price to be about $6k for the 2015 number.  Imagine how many tattoos you could get for that price?  For just a fraction of that you can get an engagement ring tattoo.  Still not sold?  Well here’s 25 Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos to Swoon Over.

Engagement Ring Finger Tattooby Tattoo Blend

Ring Finger Tattoosby emporiumlakeland

love knot engagement ring couples tattoosby tattoos_sriles

clover / shamrock / celtic knot couples ring finger tattooby inkd_flesh_tattoos

couples tattoos - initial ring finger tattooby beckyshawkes

star wars couples finger tattoosby cybervaalkyrie

initial wedding ring finger tattoosby lbowdemild3

Skull Ring Finger Wedding Tattoosby steveartinmotion

dr who wedding ring finger tattoosby jimbo_and_choom_choom

Ring Finger Tattoo Ideasby _tattoosandlove_

Wedding Finger Tattoosby uglystyle_

Mr and Mrs ring finger Tattoosby stephanielynn_19xx

wedding ring finger tattoo ideasby jamesblair1988

disney ring finger tattoosby b_holland

cute wedding ring finger tattoosby moogzone

cross wedding ring tattooby absolution_nz

ring finger tattoos for couplesby tattooedmomsofinstagram

engagement ring finger tattoos for couplesby chaosinlipstick

diamond ring finger tattooby stevieleefisher

sailor moon wedding ring finger tattooby waifu_aliee

anchor wedding ring finger tattoosby pdxraincloud

heart wedding ring tattoosby daniellestowaway

matching engagement ring tattoosby j123bugs

music wedding ring tattooby sitkajo

arrow wedding finger tattoosby samaraxsk_mgtattoo

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