40 Mom Tattoos To Ink In Honor of Mom


Blog: 40 Mom Tattoos To Ink In Honor of Mom

Maureen, a reader of my Celtic Symbols for Motherhood Tattoos post asked if I could put together a blog post for her to help her get an idea of what type of tattoo she should get in memory of her mother.  I love reader requests and I would like to dedicate this Mother’s Day tattoo post in honor of her mom, those mothers who have passed – and those moms who are still with us today!

Mom tattoos are probably one of the most popular types of tattoos.  Besides your children, your mom is the one constant symbol in your life – no wonder why so many choose to ink a special piece in their name!  Mom tattoos should be meaningful to the wearer: have a design drawn that is unique to you – that will remind you of the bond you share(d).  These in memory of mom tattoos are great for both men and women.  You can honor your mom with one of these types of tattoos to show her how much you appreciate and love her.

Mom Tattoos An Inspiration Gallery

Some people choose classic Mom tatoo designs with traditional symbols of hearts, wings, anchors, birds, banners, swords.

Mom Tattoo - Heart & Wings, Chest TattooSource

mom anchor tattoo, mom tattoos, in memorySource

sacred heart tattoo for mom, burning heart tattoo, christian tattooSource

Mom / Mother Memorial Rose TattooSource

Swallow Mom Tattoo, Momma Bird, Mother Tattoos, Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your MomSource

Others choose simple tattoos of the word “Mom” or their Mom’s name in a pretty font such as these:

script font mom tattoo, simple mom tattoo, black and white, in memory

Momma Tattoo, Mom Tattoo, In Memory of Mom, Memorial TattoosSource

Mom Tattoo, Script, In MemorySource

name tattoo with rose

If you’re religious you can incorporate symbolism into your memorial tattoo for mom

black and white cross with wings for momSource

mom tattoo, in memory of mom, memorial tattoo, dove tattooSource

bible quotes tattoo, Philippians 4: 6-7 , tattoo ideas for momSource

If your mom had a favorite Bible quote, you can ink that too!

rosary tattoo on ankleSource

madonna and child memorial tattoo, in memory tattoo, mom tattooSource

If there is something specific that reminds you of your mom, such as a hobby, profession or her favorite pastime, memorialize it

baking tattoo, mom tattoo, oven tattooSource

Some moms love to bake, they show their love through cooking

geek memorial mom tattoos, video game tattooSource

Some moms are gamer moms – always remember who taught you how to play!

tribute memorial tattoo for momSource

Some moms love a cup of coffee or tea and a good book (notice the mug says Mom)

ballerina, dancer, mom tattoo

disney, mickey hands, mom tattooSource

nurse tattoo, mom tattoo, in memory, memorial tattoo, tribute tattoo to momSource

tattoo for mom, mom tattoos, in memory, memorial, tribute to momSource

mom rose tattoo, unique mom tattooSource

queen of the castle, mom tattooSource

Because mom is always the Queen of her Castle, the ruler of her roost.

Sometimes honoring mom and with a family heritage tattoo is a pretty neat idea too such as:

Sanskrit Mom Tattoo, Memorial TattooSource

Above is “A tattoo dedicated to the client’s mother, as tribute to a Mother’s unconditional love The words are written in Sanskrit language using Devanagri Script”

celtic cross mother tattooSource

A tribute tattoo dedicated to mom: “It’s a Celtic cross with a claddah in the middle with a scroll with ‘Mom” (in her handwriting)”

Mom / Love Tattoo with CrossSource

You may also want to think about a quote tattoo – something that your mom always said to you or something that reminds you of her love. You could put the date she passed on, or the years of her life along with the quote as well.

quote tattoo for mom, memorial tattooSource

memorial tattoo with quote for mom, mom tattoo, tribute tattooSource

memorial tattoo for momSource

“My mother is the heart that keeps me alive”

tattoo in memory of momSource

memorial tattoo, in memory tattoo, tree of life

You could also have something inked that is neither specifically a “Mom” tattoo and is completely unique but dedicated to her.

deer tattoo, inked for momSource

This person’s mom loved deer.  Deer reminded her of her mom.

a mountain tattoo dedicated to momSource

“Always wanted to get mountains tattooed in honor of loving my mom. Her strength. Her form. Her struggles. Her conqoures. Ive always felt connected to them because of her and how much she loved them. I remember when she taught me how to draw them. Never forget days like that!”

soundwaves tattoo, dedicated in memory of momSource

This is a beautiful unobvious memorial tattoo.  It is sound waves of a mother’s last voicemail to her son.

coffee cup tattoo in honor of momSource

“In honor of my mom – we loved our morning coffee & talks to solve the world’s problems!”

breast cancer tattoo to honor momSource

If she has battled breast cancer, a memorial tattoo honors her battle.

Iris Tattoo, for my grandmother

I found this tattoo on Moonstrucktattoo.com but the domain no longer works.  Personally my grandmother loved Irises – if I was to get a tattoo for her, I would ink an Iris in her memory.

Finally one of my favorite types of tattoos to honor mom are tattoos done in their handwriting.

handwriting tattoos, mom and dad memorial tattoos

Source of the above is unknown, the website no longer works as well.  I hope this post for Mother’s Day inspired you on your search for memorial tattoo ideas for mom.  You can find plenty more tattoo inspiration on our Pinterest boards we have a board dedicated to Tattoo Ideas to Honor Mom with over 100 ideas.

And Mom, thank you for all that you do and all you have done.  Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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