7 Great Wedding Dresses For Tattooed Brides

To show or not to show them - that’s the ever popular question I’ve received about my tattoos and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be asked the same thing as you start the hunt for the perfect wedding dress.   As I was browsing through dresses tonight, the beau popped up behind me, “That’s a really pretty dress, but you know that’s going to show off your tattoos.”

“Of course it’s going to show off my tattoos, any wedding gown I select is going to show them off.”

“But that one is really going to draw attention to them.”

We were talking of the Aliyah wedding dress by the designer Maggie Sottero which I fell in love with. If he pops the question anytime soon, I may just have to run out any buy this dress.


I love the simplicity of this wedding gown, which lends it self to elegance and sophistication.  The A line is flattering and the chiffon will be beautiful dancing as it flows away from the body.  I think this is an excellent choice for any tattooed bride to be who wants to show off her ink.  Because it’s so simple it won’t distract from your tattoos or your beauty - it will only enhance it. The simple straps and the low neckline won’t compete if you have shoulder, arm, back or collarbone tats.

Just because I have shoulder and back tattoos doesn’t mean I can’t wear a traditional wedding dress - off course I can and you can too! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I happen to love my ink, it’s a part of me.  When I wear a tank top in the middle of summer, I don’t run to put cover up on my tattoos - why would I want to cover them up for my wedding?  Would my hubby-to-be love me any less?  No of course he wouldn’t … but I think he’s a tad concerned what his family will think of me when they see a pretty large fighting lion with swords on my upper left shoulder.  I already warned the beau that we need to get married sooner than later if he’s concerned about my ink - because there is more coming!

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding dress or even an offbeat one, I would definitely recommend checking out Maggie Sottero‘s collection.  I literally spent hours browsing her line, it was difficult to find ones that I didn’t love.  While she certainly focuses more on traditional and couture styles, her awarding winning lines feature some dresses that will literally wow you.  One dress which first caught my eye that I’d recommended to inked brides would be her April wedding dress with its timeless ball gown style highlighted by a colored floral belt.  While the belt adds that je ne sais qoui to appeal to alternative brides it also shows off just the right amount of skin to highlight your ink.

While I loved the April dress above, I couldn’t keep myself from going back to her Stephanie wedding gown as well.  Almost royal looking, this ball gown with spaghetti straps would be sure to highlight your shoulders and back.  The waist is slimming as the gown flows away from the body covering the hips - an illusion many brides may need (I know I do! Although the beau says he loves my curves, and loves when I show them off).


But maybe traditional isn’t for you.  And that’s ok too.  Maggie Sottero also has some fab nontraditional wedding dresses too.

Porsha (above) is a modern, corset backed short wedding dress would be perfect for someone who is a little rock n’ roll.  The tiered skirt is just in style for the season and it certainly gives a little edge to wedding design. The black and feathered belt just adds to the fabulousness of this dress.

Josie by Maggie Sottero

Metallic wedding gowns and colored dresses seem to have a place in the upcoming 2013 bridal season and this fab find is what Maggie Sottero calls Josie.  The slim A-line features an asymmetrical waist and is figure flattering.  Shown in Silver Haze above its also available in traditional white and ivory too.  But I love the silver dress because it is unique and glamorous.

There’s nothing sexier than showing a little leg .. or so I’ve been told.  The beau drooled over this dress and thought it would be perfect if we got married.  (I think he even forgot about my tattoos showing).  If you’re looking for a stunning showpiece, or just want to show off your leg tattoos - this is the dress to buy.  Appropriately named Samantha (I can’t help but think of Samantha from Sex and the City) - Maggie Sottero describes this gown for the “adventurous bride in search of a gown her equal” - and I couldn’t agree more. I can picture this bride hopping onto a bike and driving off into the sunset after the wedding.

84813 - Maeleigh by Maggie Sottero

Maeleigh completes our round up of awesome wedding dresses for tattooed brides. Classic in style, this roaring 20’s inspired flapper dress is as unique as the bride who wears it.  The luxurious lace detail gives way to stunning fringe detail below the waist which will be sure to catch the eye as you dance the night away.  I love the back slit too that will show off a beautiful pair of heels.

Just because you are an inked bride doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your wedding style.  You should select a dress you feel beautiful in.  There are no “rules” you should follow - this is your wedding after all.  I know when we do finally tie the knot, my wedding dress will be as fabulous as my ink.

I’d like to know though, what your thoughts are - will you show your ink or will you cover it up for the sake of family?  If you’re a tattooed bride, what dress did you select for your big day?

This is an Inked Weddings original find. No part of this post was paid for or sponsored by Maggie Sottero. Inked Weddings received no compensation for this review.

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  1. Vanisha Kaur says:

    Lovely Collect

  2. moria says:

    I am heavily tattooed — full chest piece, half sleeve on one arm, etc etc — and I absolutely would never consider covering my tattoos for my wedding. I would be offended if anyone asked me to do so; it would make me so sad if someone wanted me to cover up part of who I am on my wedding day!

    I am wearing Vivienne of Holloway’s 50s swing dress (super traditional 1950s inspired halter top dress with a full circle skirt, tea length) at my wedding. I chose it in part because I love the way it highlights my tattoos.

  3. Lauren says:

    I have a fairly large tatoo of an ankh in the middle of my back, and my mom kept trying to find dresses to cover it. I overruled her and am getting married in a gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress called Karena, which is a halterneck that highlights my ink beautifully. Go Maggie!

    • Erica says:

      Hi Lauren - Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It makes me so happy to hear that you’re proud to show your ink. If you don’t mind sharing some photos after the wedding, I’d love to feature you in a Maggie dress! All the best, Erica

  4. Cindy says:

    Inked bride here :) the only option is a Maggie dress for me!

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