Inked Weddings is a daily wedding blog that is as creative and free spirited as you are.  When I use the word ‘ink’ I don’t merely mean tattooed brides, this blog is for everyone who wants to make their mark on their day - in their own unique way.  I don’t believe weddings are one-size-fits-all, standard out of the box - rather I invite you to think outside of the box for your nuptials.   So whether you are a tattooed bride, a couple into cosplay, marrying your superhero or just fit into the marital “misfit” area - I want to welcome you to Inked Weddings, where you are welcome to show the world just how creatively beautiful your style is.

Ink (defined) n.

  • (formal) a fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating. Allow us to feature your wedding and have it forever etched in ink.
  • (informal) publicity in the written media. Your wedding will get plenty of ink, as our readers ogle over your details.
  • (informal) to be marked with tattoos. We celebrate the non-traditional couple, creative weddings and alternative, independent brides, tattooed or not.

Inked (defined) v.

  • (formal) to mark, coat or stain with ink. Inked Weddings is designed to help you make your mark on your day by inspiring you to create your wedding vision.
  • (informal) to secure the services of someone with a contract, to sign a contract. Before signing in ink, be sure to check out out list of alternative approved Inked Wedding vendors. (coming soon!)

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