Inked Weddings is like our readers, a different kind of wedding blog.  After all, what blog has a section called Faux Weddings anyway?

Inked Wedding Featured Columns:

Sunday Ink - inspired by the New York Times weekly Sunday Weddings/Celebration, we’ve decided to host our own.  Every Sunday we’ll feature two posts - one fabulous inspirational photo find plus one engagement announcement. Submit your engagement announcement to us before your wedding for a chance to be featured in Ink

Real Weddings - these are fun because I get to feature some of my favorite people, YOU! We encourage all brides, vendors and photographers to submit a wedding to us for our Real Weddings section.  We’ll give you credit and you get to show off your Ink!

Faux Weddings … the rich, the famous, the phoney…   we don’t necessarily mean all celebrity weddings are fake, but the everyday bride can’t afford them … but we can dream and that’s why there’s a whole section within Faux called Daydream Weddings that allow for you to be inspired by Ink

Wedding Porn I don’t mean porn, in the rip-off-your-clothes sense but in the way these images make you desire them for your own wedding and inspire you to create your own passion in Ink

Trending Ink even us geeks like to know what’s trendy, with weird wedding facts such as, “Did you know ‘steampunk weddings’ generates more searches than ‘alternative weddings’ and that 43% of all couples get engaged from November to January?  Useless facts some may argue, but aren’t you curious to see what’s trending in Ink?

Written In Ink … Editorials, site news, or the founder, Erica’s notes to the reader or maybe even a letter to the Editor … write to Ink

Sponsored Ink .. hey we’d all like our ink to be sponsored, wouldn’t we? I know my tattoos cost a pretty penny … Sponsored Ink posts are, you guessed it, sponsored by another company or vendor.  Aka, advertising, but I promise not to post info that is anything less than pure Ink.

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