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I encourage conversation but I expect my readers to follow common courtesy in their responses.  Please refrain from: personal attacks, general rudeness, profanity, bullying, bitchiness, hurtful or defamatory comments.  I reserve the right to modify, delete or moderate any comments that I feel violate these rules.  You are playing in my sandbox, so please respect the rules or find another box to play in.  Bottom line: Play nice.

Any comments that contain links solely for the benefit of the commenter’s own website and do not add to the worth of the conversation will be deleted.  If you are a vendor and would like some Ink please contact us via our submissions page.

Photo Policy and Copyright Disclaimer

Inked Weddings does not own the copyright to photographs used on our website, except where otherwise noted. Each photo’s copyright belongs to the respective photographer and is credited accordingly. Photos used on Inked Weddings are used with the knowledge and permission of the respective photographer or we believed them to be readily available in the public domain and used under protection of the US. Copyright Fair Use Act.

If you own the copyright to a photo used on our website and would like it removed, please contact us at [email protected] and we will promptly remove it.

Advertising Policy and Site Disclosure

Inked Weddings is an advertiser supported site and we accept paid sponsorships (advertisements) from third party vendors.  These ads are clearly noted as “sponsored posts” on our blog and filed under “Sponsored Ink” under the blog categories.  However, we are picky about sponsored content we accept and we prefer vendors that lean towards catering to the independent, non-traditional bride.  Content is regularly featured by sponsors and non-sponsors alike.

I also may write about products or offerings that may be a good match for our readers.  If and the merchant who owns said product has an affiliate program, the review may link via an affiliate program link.  In good faith, I will only post such affiliate links which I deem worthy and useful to my dear readers.  It also means I may be paid a commission if you purchase the product through the posted affiliate link. While blogging may be fun,  blogging for free doesn’t pay the bills - and that is why I accept sponsorship advertising and affiliate links.

Why do I need to disclose this information to you?  Because the FCC says so.  They want to ensure that blog readers know the difference between a legitimate review and a bogus review.  Unfortunately, there once was a time where bogus reviews were rampant  and many unsavory bloggers benefited.   I assure you this is certainly not the case here, and if you don’t believe me, you can go read someone else’s blog.

Privacy Policy

Inked Weddings will not share or sell personal information obtained on this website, except as required by law. Unidentifiable personal information, such as male/female reader ratios and age demographics may be shared with advertisers.

When you browse content from Inked Weddings, certain technical information is collected including:

  • The IP address from which you access our website
  • The browser type and operating system used
  • The date and time our site was accessed
  • Pages and outbound links visited
  • Links from third-party websites used to arrive at our website
  • Search engine terms used to find our website

This information is collected by third-party commercial software systems (such as Google Analytics, WordPress Site Stats, etc…). The information collected is used to help us create a better user experience for our readers. And believe it or not, there isn’t a website you browse online that doesn’t collect this information.  While most sites may fail to disclose this information to you, the above listed information is available to all website owners

When you post a comment to our website, the following information is collected:

  • Your name as you enter on the form
  • Your email address as you enter on the form
  • Your third-party website as you enter on the form
  • Your IP address (your computer sends us this information)

Link Policy and Disclaimer of Endorsement

Inked Weddings prides itself on keeping accurate information but due to the evolutionary nature of the internet, the accuracy of archived content can not be guaranteed.  If you happen upon a broken link or a website that is no loner in existence that we’ve linked to, please contact us.

For the convenience of our readers our content may contain text and/or photo links to third party sites.  By clicking on these links you are leaving the InkWeddings.com site and are subject to the policies of that website.  Additionally, Inked Weddings does not guarantee that third-party websites comply with FTC regulations or other laws applicable to online content.  Furthermore, Inked Weddings is not responsible for information collected by third-party websites or how these third-party websites use the information they collect.  Inked Weddings can not authorize copyrighted content that is owned by third-party websites and cannot guarantee the accuracy of third-party websites.  Content and opinions expressed by third-party websites are also not related to Inked Weddings, nor do we endorse their opinions or are responsible for them.

In layman’s terms: Inked Weddings does not own or operate outside third-party websites that we may link to.  Therefore, please read and follow their policies, not ours - and if you have beef with them, you need to take it up with them, not us.

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While we do try to answer every email we receive, due to the volume, we regret that it is not always possible to send an individual reply. But you are welcome to say [email protected]

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