Bridesmaids Showing Butts Is NOT The Latest Trend + Grooms Do It Too

This post from got me wondering has the wedding world actually gone mad? Some of those photos I’ve seen before that post even went viral, but could it really be a trend? I decided to do a little investigation about this “latest trend” and discovered, bridesmaids showing off their butts is not a trend, but just a handful of (6 photos to be exact) of old photos that have been circulating around the net for at least 5 years (the oldest I found was in 2009). I would hardly call 6 photos in 5 years a wedding trend.

It irks me being in the industry that one blog (or blogger) can compile such random photos and call it a “trend” without doing a little investigative work. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t his compilation but taken from an album at Imgur and/or (where at least they give image credit).  Do I dare hypothesize these are journalists who wish this would become a trend so they can see more of these images?

At least 2 photos from the post have been linked to x-rated videos as per forum comments I’ve read, and this one below was from an actual wedding featured on Rock N Roll Bride circa January 2011 by the photographer Made U Look:

bridesmaids-flashing-mooning-buttI knew I saw this one previously because I love reading Rock n Roll Bride. This rockabilly wedding photo is actually cute and gives a retro pin-up vibe scene - it isn’t as tasteless as some of the others that were featured in the original article(s).  You can tell this was a purposeful well planned out shot premeditated by the couple and agreed to by the bridesmaids - because they are all wearing the same panties!

Do I see this as a “trend” in the future?  Maybe because of how much exposure this one blog received, a small population of brides may think its cute (and if executed properly like above) could be fun, but chances are this is one trend which will fade as quickly as it came.

However, Grooms and Groomsmen mooning has been around for a while (I think more guys thank gals tend to think this type of humor is funny) and can be seen on the web as well:



groom and groomsmen mooning bride for fun during photoshootSource


I do hope this doesn’t morph into a popular wedding trend, I hope it disappears as fast as it came just like the Wedding Vajazzle.



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  1. Latest Trend In Wedding Photography - Page 2 says:

    […] NSFW. Very cheeky. I'm relieved that this trend hasn't yet caught on with groomsmen. But it has…. Steve the Photographic SharpShooter Industries My 500px, My Flickr, My Blog […]

  2. Aces says:

    Elite Daily purely exists to create linkbait to garner views to make money to get VC money. They irk me because they reuse a lot of photos and never give credit.

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