Couple Tattoos: 50+ Awesome Ideas You’ll Want To Ink

Whether you’re thinking of getting ink for your anniversary, wedding or “just because” here are 50+ unique matching couples tattoo ideas you’ll want to ink. Just remember though, tattoos are forever - here’s hoping so is your love! While some of these I have seen before, many of these I haven’t yet seen. Read on for matching tattoo inspiration.

couple tattoos - wedding tattoo - roman numbers - year via InkedWeddings.comSource

Get a significant date tattooed in roman numerals.  It could be a full date, the year your love began, your wedding year or anniversary.

Couples Tattoos | Sayings and Words via InkedWeddings.comSource

Sayings, phrases or words that are meaningful to each other are great for lovers, partners, friends or brothers / sisters.

Nautical Couples Tattoo Ideas |  InkedWeddings.comSource

Add a themed photo to your catch phrase that reminds you of your love.

Soul Mate Matching Couples Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

I love the idea of having a phrase such as “Soul Mate” broken into two parts, only coming together when you both are near. Just like your love, only when you are together it makes sense.

Soul Mate Finger Tattoo | Unique Couples Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Another play on the soul mate phrase, I love how the words are only formed when you interlock hands with each other.

couples-heart-tattoo-extreme I InkedWeddings.comSource

Heart tattoos are always popular for couples, perhaps this is a bit extreme, but completely unique nonetheless.

couples heartbeat tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

A heart tattoo not unique enough for you? Then ink your heartbeat onto each other.

 red string of fate, red thread of destiny, or red thread of fate couples tattoo read more about it on InkedWeddings.comSource

As per Japanese legend,  the gods tie a red string around the little fingers of those who were destined to meet. It is also associated with matchmaker god who is also in charge of marriages.  The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.  Known as the red string of fate, red thread of destiny, or red thread of fate. Read more about it here

bar code couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Reminiscent of post-apocalyptic world movies, BDSM and perhaps the holocaust, I’m sure this tattoo isn’t for everyone, but it will suit someone’s fancy.

matching-dr-who-tardis-tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Matching Dr. Who Tardis Tattoos for the couples who are fans

matching tetris puzzle tattoos | Couples Tattoo Ideas | InkedWeddings.comSource

When you just fit together perfectly, why not a matching Tetris tattoo?

you-are-mine-i-am-yours-tattoos | Couples Tattoos |  InkedWeddings.comSource

Sometimes you just need to tell the world you are owned by someone.

feather-couples-tattoos-matching | InkedWeddings.comSource

Birds of a feather, flock together. Great matching tattoos for friends or lovers.

matching-pac-man-tattoos-geek | InkedWeddings.comSource

I love geeky tats, and as a child of the 80’s I love these his and hers pac man tattoos!

matching video game controller tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Maybe Pac Man isn’t your game, so tattoo the one thing that binds you together for eternity: your game controllers

his and hers matching anchor tattoos | sexy couple tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

I love anchors, these his and her matching anchor tattoos with the date remind are just sexy.

couples-tattoo-ideas-quotes | InkedWeddings.comSource

With your heart my soul is bound.  We <3 pretty sayings for wedding tattoos.

matching-couples-tattoo-funny | InkedWeddings.comSource

This gives a whole new meaning to the word, “matching” couples tattoo.  It’s kind of funny, but cute.

unique-couples-matching-tattoo-on-foot | InkedWeddings.comSource

You don’t have to use standard symbols to show your love, just as long as what you get inked is meaningful to you.

hebrew-matching-couples-tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

In Hebrew these matching couples tattoos say: “I am my beloved’s” ( his and her versions). Unique!

silhouette couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Have each others’ portraits done in silhouette form.

breaking bad marriage tattoo | couples tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Although we’ve seen this before, we couldn’t resist posting this breaking bad reference.

bride and groom sugar skull tattoo | couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Sugar skulls, bride and groom, ’till death

geek couples tattoo binary love | InkedWeddings.comSource

For all you computer geeks, you know what this is.

leaf couples tattoo | fall autum tattoo | matching tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Did you fall in love? ;)

Key To My Heart | His and Hers Tattoos | Couples Tattoos via InkedWeddings.comSource

Paul Berkey has inked an amazing vintage skeleton key and lock, a key to my heart, couples tattoo.

You See All My Light | And You Love My Dark | Couples Tattoo | Lyric Tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

There’s something about finding someone who knows your flaws, mistakes and imperfections, yet still finds you perfect. This is actually a lyric from Alanis Morissette’s song, Everything, but oh so appropriate for those in love.

King and Queen Couples Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

He is your King and you are his Queen. Love this style over the K and Q poker card tattoos I have found.

Sexy Geometric Connecting Couples Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Sexy, geometric, connecting couples tattoo.

matching candle lamp tattoos for couples | InkedWeddings.comSource

Matching colorful candle lamp tattoos, love the uniqueness of this.

i love her | I love him | Couples Tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

If you’re going to ink a cliché couples tattoo then please do it in a pretty way such as this “I love her / I love him” ink

xo-hugs-and-kisses-couples-tattoo-idea | InkedWeddings.comSource

Hugs and Kisses are super sweet and loving and can be cleverly hid in many different spots on your body. Maybe in a place only her or she knows of!

heart, music, ice cream, couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Hearts, music and ice cream? Need I say more???

what time is it? It's 420 | best friend or couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Because it’s always 4:20 somewhere

ying yang calla lily couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

I love when there is a story behind the tattoo. The ying yang symbol and calla lily both represent the joining of the male and female elements.  If you want to read this couple’s story, check out the image source link above.

| Montague and Capulet | Romeo and Juliet themed tattoos | Couples Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Montague and Capulet, Romeo and Juliet themed Shakespeare tattoos for a romantic couple!

If We Go Down, We Go Down Together, Matching Tattoos | Matching Friend Tattoos | Matching Couple Tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

If We Go Down, We Go Down Together - lyric tattoos are always popular. (From There’s No I in Team by Taking Back Sunday)

Equality Tattoos | Couples Tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Because all love should be equal.

Album Inspired Tattoos | The Arcade Fire | Couples Tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Artwork from an album by The Arcade Fire

Twist Around Tattoo | Unique Couples Tattoo |InkedWeddings.comSource

This unique wrap around tattoo only has meaning when you hold hands.

Beacause your relationship rocks! heart - rocks - music - couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Because your relationship rocks, of course!

matching infinity heart couples tattoos |InkedWeddings.comSource

Couples tattoos can be super cute, and this tattoo with an infinity symbol intertwined in the shape of the heart is particularly sweet.

location-couples-tattoos | africa tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

If you met somewhere in particular, or like traveling together, country / location tattoos have special meaning

matching tattooed wedding couple | bride and groom | InkedWeddings.comSource

Matching love tattoos on your wedding day

faithful-couples-tattoo-on-fingers |

I love interlocking tattoos, especially sweet sayings like this finger tattoo spells: Faithful

sound wave couples tattoo of I Love You | InkedWeddings.comSource

Sound wave couples tattoo of “I Love You” spoken to each other.

couples-tattoo-ideas-love-in-braille | InkedWeddings.comSource

Because love is blind…

together forever couples tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Because love should be forever

& sign wedding tattoo | Couples Tattoo | Marriage Tattoo | InkedWeddings.comSource

Declare your newly married status - a symbol of you joined together with a simple & (ampersand) sign.

stay true - wedding couple - marriage tattoo - finger tattoos | InkedWeddings.comSource

Stay true my inked friends and brides to be!

Tell me, are you bound by ink? Send us your couples tattoo photos and you could be featured!

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