Edgy, Bold, Stunning Wedding Photography By Jessica Vallecorsa

Sometimes I am bowled over by the amazing, talented wedding photographers that are available for alternative brides who are fashionable and bold - which is just what Jessica Vallecorsa’s stunning bridal portraits are. When I happened across her website earlier this month, I immediately had to write to her - this was the exact type of photography I wanted to feature to Inked Wedding’s nontraditional brides.  Creative brides want imaginative and original wedding photographs - and you will find just that with J.Vallecorsa Photography who shoots out of Charlotte, Houston and New Orleans.

Bright, daring, dramatic, artsy and glamorous are the first words that come to my mind when I review Jessica’s imagery.  I find her style to be a mixture of illustrative and high fashion - it’s as almost as if she could make any wedding appear as if it was shot for Vogue magazine - with a edgy, rock star twist.  She sums up her philosophy beautifully on her website when she says:

Fashion brides are about attitude and unapologetic self-expression… Surprise, energy and style are the core of their being… Edgy brides ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Alternative Wedding Photographers

 This is one particular bride who is neither asking for permission, or forgiveness.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve never really considered nighttime photography, but fell in love with it with this photo set.  It is electrifying and impressive - just what any rockstar bride needs - distinctive wedding photography to highlight her unique style.

Houston Wedding Photography

Tattooed Bride Wedding Photography

Dramatic Lighting Wedding Photography

Edgy Wedding Photography

Tattooed Wedding Photography

But my absolute favorite of the entire set, I had to save the best for last.  It is moody, climatic and oh so very artsy.  The color of the umbrella is stunning against the backdrop, and oh my God, I think she just made me fall in love with purple.

Houston Wedding Photography

Tattooed brides are J.Vallecorsa Photography‘s specialty so if you are in Charlotte, Houston or New Orleans area I highly encourage you to visit her site and check out her fabulous work for yourself.

This is an Inked Weddings featured find. No part of this post was paid for or sponsored by J.Vallecorsa Photography. Inked Weddings received no compensation for this review, but has received permission by the photographer to post these images.

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  1. Jessica V. says:

    Thank you so much, Erica, for featuring our edgy bride! And of course, for the kind words!

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