Get The Look: Wedding Decorations For a Boho Wedding

Bohemian / Boho Weddings are popular in 2014 wedding trends.  But it’s hard to nail down exactly what Bohemian style is because it can vary from bride to bride and blend with many other themes such as: rustic bohemian, vintage bohemian, romantic bohemian, Zen bohemian - even Gypsy bohemian.  What’s great about Boho weddings? They are free style in form and function,  you don’t have to pigenhole yourself into a specific style because Bohemians are an eclectic mix of crossover designs - do whatever feels right to you - don’t worry about color schemes, matching decor or making everything “fit”.

If you want to get the look of a Bohemian wedding and are having a hard time finding decor, the folks over at have everything you need to create this groovy look.  Here are just some of the many things you will find to decorate for your Bohemian festival.

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are a cheap and easy way to decorate any open space, both indoors and in outdoor locations.  Mix and match colors, add strings of lights, hang them at various lengths, buy different sizes.  They add visual dimension and draw your eyes upward.

You can find tons of colors and styles including stars, various shapes - even prints!  Mix and match their paper lanterns for a hippe look.  You can browse and buy all of these lanterns here

Bohemian Table Decor

Blend different elements on your tables with different colored vintage vessels, vases or mason jars to hold floral arrangements and use different colored candle holders to creating soft ambiance.  A fun way to decorate is to make every other table with the same mix of colors and elements.  Add enough so each guest can take home their favorite candle holder or vase.

Decorate your Bridal Party

Carry a Balinese Festival Parasol to stand out and have your bridesmaids carry a different shape parasol such as a printed square, scalloped, round or lace.  Hand fans are perfect for a warm summer day for both your guests and your bridal party.  Get your guests paper fans and have your bridesmaids carry something such as the ivory lace fans shown above.  Finally, don’t forget about your comfort and your guests with decorative throw pillows on couches and chairs that will make a lovely touch to your bohemian wedding decor.

For all the touches for your summertime wedding, no matter what your bohemian style is, we recommend Luna Bazaar for those finishing touches.

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