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One of the things I love about Finland is their different style, their unique design and their delicious food!  Anywhere you travel outside of the Helsinki area, is just the perfect setting for vintage, rustic, chic - think old farmhouses, the countryside, wooden saunas, beautiful lakes and forests.  There is even a term used to describe the out-of-the-ordinary style Finns often have: Finnwacky, but that just adds to the charm of the country and the people.  I’ve visited Finland several times (7 to be exact) and have fallen in love with their quirkiness.  But Hannele & Esa’s wedding isn’t wacky - its just different than typical weddings here in America - and certainly perfect for non-traditional brides.  Her dress is a lovely flowing black gown which is complimented by her groom’s pinstriped black suit and white hat.  I think her blood red roses and cascading red rose petals just add the perfect balance to her ensemble. Would you agree?

black wedding dress photo

I love the cascading ruffles along the back of this black wedding dress.  This dress would be very traditional if it wasn’t for its color.  Gorgeous!

tattooed bride

Are those rhinestone accents on this tattooed bride?  Yes they are!  I think this is a great way to add some sparkle to your tattoos to make them shine on your day

alternative bride, tattooed bride

I just adore her red bouquet, it adds drama to her black dress.  His pinstripe suit is very retro and compliments the theme nicely.

red wedding flowers, bouquet

This beautiful red rose wedding bouquet is breathtaking and exciting. No those aren’t lilies, those are red rose petals entwined on streamers for the effect.  I’ve never seen such a bouquet with a long trail like this!

tattooed bride, red roses

The color scheme and brightness of this photo is lovely, there’s always time for champagne and celebratory hugs. The backdrop gives you a little peek at Finland’s charm.

bouquet as wedding decor

Simple touches such as candles in a fireplace and her wedding bouquet as decorations add quaint touches without a lot of expense.

black wedding dress, finland

A simple strand of pearls and his white top hat complete this couple’s wedding look.

a juggler as wedding entertainment

While you may not think this photo was part of the same wedding photo set, it is.  A juggler as wedding entertainment?  Why not!  This shows a perfect example of Finnish quirkiness and their alluring nontraditonal wedding style. While we say “Why?” in Finland, it’s usually “Why not?” Love this idea!

I want to thank Anna Jarske Wedding & Portrait Photographer for allowing us to highlight some of her photos and gorgeous tattooed bride.  We wish Hannele & Esa a beautiful married life together!

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