Harry Potter Wedding Ideas Even Muggles Will Love

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“Accio wedding rings.”

You’re a self-proclaimed witch or wizard, and you already know which house you’d be sorted into. Unfortunately you never got your Hogwarts letter, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing your love of magic by having a Harry Potter wedding. Celebrate your big day with these 25 Harry Potter wedding ideas that are guaranteed to enchant even the worst muggles.

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  1. First, make your Harry Potter wedding proposal special with The Unbreakable Vow. And hope you’re not killed for destroying a book (though it does double as a unique ring pillow alternative!)

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2. Next, send out your save the dates, aka your guests’ tickets to the Hogwarts Express. Unfortunately these can’t be delivered via Owl Post.

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3. Then, send out your Harry Potter wedding invitations. The Daily Prophet probably has a section for wedding announcements, right?

Harry Potter Wedding Dress

via Polyvore

4. In a perfect world,  you’ll have exactly four bridesmaids so each of their dresses can represent the house colors. Your attire will likely be a Harry Potter wedding dress too.

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5. Guests will wonder where to sit. The Sorting Hat will be there to direct them!

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6. You’ll need a Hogwarts guest book.

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7. And an authentic quill so guests can sign it.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake via Cat Cakes

8. Pay homage to Quidditch with a Golden Snitch-inspired or Harry Potter wedding cake. Bonus points if you cut it with the sword of Godric Gryffindor.

Butterbeer Recipevia Food in Literature

9. Naturally, the iconic drink from The Three Broomsticks should be available at the bar. There’s a great Butterbeer recipe here. You can also serve up potions at the cocktail hour, like Amortentia, Polyjuice potion, Felix Felicis, Calming Draught, and the Wolfsbane potion.

Harry Potter Party Favorsvia Etsy

10. These wands will make awesome Harry Potter wedding favors. You can even DIY them with chopsticks, hot glue, and paint!

Harry Potter Party Ideasvia Etsy

11. Howlers will make cute programs, or even thank you cards!

Harry Potter Party Favorsvia Eslamoda

12. Everyone knows chocolate is the best remedy after a Dementor attack.

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13. For more practical party favors, these key bottle openers will come to life when you DIY them with wings! (Note: Only the levitation charm will make them fly around. Remember, it’s leviOsa, not leviosAR).

Honeydukes Candy Barvia Kara’s Party Ideas

14. Your Honeydukes Candy Bar will need all the best!

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15. If there’s kids at your wedding, keep them entertained by playing Death Eaters – complete with these Dark Mark temporary tattoos.

Fortune Teller for Weddingsvia Popsugar

16. Keep the adults entertained too by hiring a fortune teller! But only if she’ll agree to dress up as Professor Trelawney.

Quidditch Beer Pongvia Unofficial Quidditch Pong

17. Speaking of entertainment, keep the party going after the reception by playing Quidditch Pong!

Harry Potter Gift Ideasvia Etsy

18. This decanter will make an amazing wedding gift for the couple, or even groomsmen or bridesmaids gifts!

Harry Potter Centerpiecesvia Huffington Post

19. Your Harry Potter wedding centerpieces can revolve around the different classes offered at Hogwarts.

Goblet of Fire Triwizard Cupvia Amazon

20. Guests can drop their marriage advice + well wishes into this Goblet of Fire.

Harry Potter Party Decorvia Accio Magic

21. You probably won’t want to hand deliver your invitations, but these Hedwig balloons make cute centerpiece ideas!

Harry Potter Wedding Decorationsvia Inside Weddings

22. You can see if your venue will work with you to “enchant” candles to float on the ceiling.

Harry Potter Wedding Bouquetvia Etsy

23. Instead of flowers, you can purchase (or make) a Harry Potter wedding bouquet made from the pages of your favorite book in the series.

Harry Potter Party Ideasvia Etsy

24. Your photo booth won’t be complete without these props…

Harry Potter Wedding Photographyvia Weddbook

25. And finally, hire a bada$$ photographer to capture all of the magical moments of your Harry Potter themed wedding.

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