How Do I Ask My Guests Not To Wear White To My Wedding?

How Do I Ask My Guests Not To Wear White To My Wedding?


Most people know it’s common courtesy that wearing all white to a wedding is a NO NO. I have told both sides of our families that I’d like them to stay away from white and all shades of white. I didn’t think anyone would intentionally wear white but I just found out that my future sister-in-law purchased a white dress for the wedding. My future-mother-in-law told her not to wear it, but I feel that I need to be more direct asking people not to wear white. Is there some kind of poem or other way to let my guests know that we’d like them to stay away from white?

I’ve already been given a few suggestions from my family members as what to do if my future SIL shows up in white but they all seem like they will generate more drama.  HELP!!!!

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It’s your day and all eyes will be on you, no matter what your guests wear. Nothing your guests can wear will take away from your day. Trust me, none of your guests will even remember what color your FSIL wore.  It is obvious she is only doing this to ruffle your feathers and get attention.  Don’t even bother entertaining the idea she may be considering a white dress.  Focusing on it is only going to consume you and ruin your wedding day.

Act like you don’t care and laugh silently at her silliness. Others will be laughing too if they notice - there will be plenty of snide behind the back comments and dirty looks about her tasteless choice in attire.  This choice will only reflect poorly on her. Don’t lower your self to her level  - take the higher road.

As a rule of thumb, your guests should know not to wear white, there is no need to broadcast your desire. There is never a nice way to say something rude, poetic rhyming couplets won’t change the tone of your wishes - it will only leave a poor taste in the mouths of those invited and make you look like a ‘zilla.  Be a gracious host, drop it and move on - you have more important things to focus on - you, your fiancé and the fabulous wedding you will have.



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  1. Maria Mongillo says:

    Couldn’t write all this on Twitter:
    I try to be cognizant when it comes to etiquette but, some people miss that boat. Haaaa

    I would not find it offensive if an invitation stated the appropriate attire, especially with modern weddings having diverse themes/styles. In fact, I always try to find out what to wear, if it isn’t specified.
    Add “No White Attire, Please” to the section of the invite where it states Dress Attire.

    If you have a Wedding Website just state it there, instead.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes!
    ❤ Maria

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