How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses in 4 Easy Steps

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses
(In 4 Easy Steps!)

Choosing your wedding colors and selecting bridesmaids dresses can be a daunting task.   If you’re not sure where to begin choosing your bridesmaids dresses just follow our helpful guide below!

Step 1: Choose Your Color

You may be leaning towards a particular trendy color, or you may have had your heart set on a color already but here are 4 fresh palettes for each season.  A ruby red dress may not be perfect color for daytime spring weddings, but a softer shade of pink or blush works beautifully.  Select your color wisely - you’ll have to look at your wedding photos for years to come!

Spring Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

spring bridesmaid dress color ideas

Source: Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Left | Middle Right | Bottom Right

Champagne, light grey, soft buttery yellow, mint green and blush are softer shades that remind us of a beautiful spring day. These colors also work well for summer weddings too!

Summer Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

summer bridesmaid dress color ideas Source Left: Top | Middle | Bottom

Source Right: Top | Middle | Bottom

Summer weddings can go brighter and bolder with their shades - these are just slightly darker versions of the spring colors. Aqua, Orchid, Grass Green, Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow and Coral all give a fresh punch and pop of color.

Fall Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

fall bridesmaids dress color ideasSource: Top Left | Top Right | Middle Right | Bottom Left | Bottom Middle | Bottom Right

Fall brings us deeper colors and rich warm shades.  Deep Berry or Raspberry, Crimson Red, Dark Teal, Burnt Orange, Olive Green and Rich Purple work well with the season.

Winter Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

winter bridesmaid dress color ideasSource: Top Left | Top Middle | Top Right

Middle Left | Center Image | Middle Right

Bottom Left | Bottom Middle | Bottom Right

Winter weddings may get a tad chilly on the outside - but it’s warm with rich jeweled tones and sparkling dresses on the inside.  Gold and Silver dresses shimmer for a holiday wedding.  Deep tones such as Emerald green, Navy Blue, Ruby Red, Plum, Charcoal and Teal look equally as lovely.  While you may want to lean towards lighter colors (blush, light grey, champagne) remember these colors will look washed out, monotone and not stand out if you are taking outdoor photos.

Can’t Decide on a Color?

patterned bridesmaid dress ideasSource: Top Left | Top Right | Bottom Left | Bottom Right

Who says you have to go with just one color? From rustic country chic to modern and retro - patterned bridesmaid dresses can look equally as fabulous.

Step 2: Decide One Color, Ombre or Several?

The second step after narrowing down your color choices is if you want all your bridesmaids to be in the same color, or be in different colors.  This can work great because not every woman has the same complexion and not every color will look good on everyone.  If you decided to go with all one color, you can move to Step 3 below.

Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses

 Source: Left | Right

Ombre bridesmaids are great because you get to select one color and vary the shade from lighter to darker.  This keeps your color palette cohesive while still being interesting to the eye.  It’s a fun trend and I love the look of it.

Mismatched or Rainbow Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Left | Right

Mismatched or rainbow bridesmaid dresses can be soft and pretty like those on the left to outright bold and daring like on the right! If you can’t decide on a color, the right mix of colors can work really well.  Who says bridesmaids need to look like clones anyway?

Step 3: Pick Your Style

different bridesmaid dresses same color


Strapless or straps? Halter or asymmetrical neckline? Decide what type of neckline you’d like - all the same or different depending on her figure?  Bridesmaid dress designers usually make different dresses in the same colors for each season.  If not a really good tailor in your bridal shop can alter dresses to fit your gals with straps or make even the bustiest girl look sexy in a strapless gown.

Step 4: Choose Your Bridesmaid Dress Length

Source : Left | Right

Short, Long or Knee Length?  Mismatched? So many decisions - it’s really up to you!  But we’d also recommend talking to your girls to see what they are most comfortable in.  Mixing and matching lengths, styles and colors can look really well - and come together nicely when done right.

Don’t forget the accessories!

A pop of color can go a long way with just the right accessories.  Check out these cute cardigans and the sexy multicolor bridesmaid shoes below.





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