How To Create A Bohemian (Boho Chic) Wedding

Some Kind of Wonderful Bohemian Wedding Gown

A soon as one wedding style seems to become trendy, another one is on the rise.  Last year, we started to see earthy, nature-loving inspired “rustic weddings which is hugely popular now - I think in part because DIY rustic style seemed to lent itself to the poor economy and partly because the eco-friendly trend began to wane and rustic moved into its place.  On the heels of the current rustic trend is all about Bohemian weddings otherwise known as Boho Chic weddings.

Boho style has been around for ages.  Bohemian-inspired weddings convey a feeling of unconventional, gypsy-like decor and eclectic elements. Think floral, nomadic, free-spirited and non-conformist - hippie meets gypsy. Bohemian weddings can include vintage items any elements that fit an artistic, artisan or hand-crafted feel. Bohemian style is not polished, it brings in elements of natural fibers, nature elements and lends itself to the DIY trend that is popular.   There’s many different styles of Bohemian weddings such as: Bohemian Beach, Vintage Bohemian, Gypsy Bohemian, Rustic Bohemian - or an eclectic mix of whatever you can put together than you like.  Remember, Bohemian style is something of a contradiction in terms because traditionally, bohemians dressed themselves and decorated in whatever they could find.

To achieve a true bohemian feel to your wedding keep the following tips in mind

Bohemian Inspired Headpieces

Lace & Rhinestones by ThreeSunbeams , Floral and Rhinestones via Twitter, Woodland Crown by whichgoose , Feather Headpiece via SpellDesigns, Halo Hadband via SummerBlossom


Buy A Bohemian Wedding Dress in Natural Fibers

Allison Bridal Gown by rschone via Etsy

Gypsy Rose Bohemian Wedding DressGypsy Rose Bohemian Wedding Gown by clairelafaye via Etsy


Mix and Match your Bridesmaid Dresses

Bohemian BridesmaidsBohemian Bridesmaids by SpellDesigns

Bohemian Bridesmaid DressesPhoto source: The Antique Door


Mix and Match Flowers, Centerpieces, Decor and Tableware

Boho Chic Wedding CenterpiecesSource: The Sweetest Occasion

Bohemian-Wedding-CenterpiecesSource: Every Last Detail

bohemian-wedding-centerpieceSource: United With Love


Incorporate Nature Inspired Elements

Source: Carter and Cook Event Company

Hang Lanterns or Use Pretty Lights

Boho Star LanternsSource: That Bohemian Girl


Use Elements of Morocco, Indian, Hippie, Vintage and Beatnik Influences

Bohemian Wedding Seating

Bohemian Wedding Seating

Hemingway-Hookah-LoungeBohemain Wedding Seating, Source: Designs by Hemmingway


Give Bohemian Inspired Wedding Favors

Golden Lac Boxes, Sandalwood Fans, Lucky Elephant Bookmarks, Source:

Invite Your Guests With Bohemian Inspired Wedding Invitations

Bohemain Wedding Invitations
Source: Delphine Press

Boho Chic Wedding Invitations

Source: Sweetheart Shout Out


Do you like the Bohemian - Boho Chic Wedding Trend?  What type of Boho Bride are you?

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