Humorous TNT Wedding Favors No Joke To TSA

TNT Wedding FavorsSource: TSA Instagram

A bride and groom both with the first initials T  thought creating TNT (get it, T and T) wedding favors to look like bombs was an awesome idea.  And it is funny if you’re a guest and you understand their sense of humor and meaning – but to the TSA anything that looks like a bomb going through the xray machine isn’t a laughing matter.  According to TSA’s instagram account, these bath salts appeared to have the properties of bombs which caused Denver International Airport to be evacuated for 20 minutes while their explosive experts investigated the items in question.

It’s not a great idea to go to the airport with fake bombs, no matter how cute of an idea it is.  X-ray operators have no idea if the contents inside are non-explosive material and further testing must always be done.  I’m glad that the TSA did their job, because there is always a possibility a terrorist could be performing a test run to see if there is a flaw in our security system.  Kudos to the TSA.

As far as unique wedding favors goes, this one just may blow your guests away.

Like this idea? To duplicate this wedding favor, you’ll need bath salts, a cork top bottle (to put fake fuses in), wax and a label.  Just don’t travel through the airport with them, or you may have some explaining to do.

cork bottles for TNT wedding favorsSource

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