Naked Wedding Cakes: A Trendy Wedding Idea for 2014

The latest in wedding trends: Naked Wedding Cakes. No, it’s not as naughty as it seems! Gone are the days of heavily frosted, fondant heavy wedding cakes.  Move over Cake Boss, Naked Wedding Cakes are popular now.  Inspired by rustic weddings, these wedding cakes make up for their lack of artificial fondant with fresh fruit, flowers and decadent fillings.  Or perhaps its the natural, whole food movement taking the wedding world by storm: couples are opting for healthier less sugary alternatives.

Naked wedding cakes are just as beautiful as traditional ones, maybe even more so with their layered fresh look.  Romantic and soft in their design, they are just dying to say “eat me”!  Dark layers of chocolate cakes can be layered with vanilla flavored lighter cakes for a black and white look.  Pair with berries and powdered sugar for a winter wedding.  Freshen it up for spring and summer with fresh flowers and offbeat flavors such as orange and vanilla for a sweet taste of the season.

naked wedding cake: berriesSource

naked wedding cakes: Croquembouche Cake with Lemon & Berries Source with Recipe

I love the spun sugar on this unique naked wedding cake, it reminds me of the natural elements of a birds nest - perfect for a love bird theme or a natural rustic barn wedding.

 chocolate and berry naked wedding cakeSource

black and white naked wedding cakesSource

Give guests a variety of desserts to choose from with black and white naked wedding cakes.  It adds visual interest too and provides something for everyone to enjoy.

blue naked wedding cakeSource

Visually, this is lovely, as light colored cakes can be dyed with food color to match your color theme.  But if you’re thinking of a naked wedding cake for your day because it is more natural and healthy, skip the artificial ingredients.

Exotic Naked Wedding Cakes: Double Chocolate-Peanut Butter Layer Cake with Caramel PopcornSource

These cakes are anything but traditional, so opt for exotic flavor combinations to really wow your guests. Shown above is a Double Chocolate-Peanut Butter Layer Cake with Caramel Popcorn - it looks so delicious I want to dive into it right now.

Winter Wedding, Naked Wedding Cake: Soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberriesSource

Incorporate seasonal flavors into your wedding cake. This soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberries is perfect inspiration for a winter wedding.

Fall / Autumn Naked Wedding Cake IdeasSource

Layered Lace Naked Wedding CakeSource

If you’re worried that your layers may shift add a bit of lace - it is sheer enough to still see the layers yet sturdy enough to hold them in place.  Plus it gives a wonderful vintage feel to this rustic style.

Naked Wedding Cake with Tattoo Inspired BannerSource

As you may have noticed, naked wedding cakes don’t lend themselves to cake toppers - most are topped with fresh fruit or flowers.  Opt for a simple and lightweight banner of your names if you want to add some personalization like this one.

White Naked Wedding Cake with Sugar Coating IcingSource

Birch tree inspired naked wedding cakeSource

A light coasting of sugar coating reminds us of a dusting of snow.  The second photo reminds me of the beautiful birch trees in a Finnish forest in the winter. It also adds just the right transparency to mimic frosting but still see the layers underneath.  It also helps keep the filling fresh and moist.

Naked Wedding Cakes Displayed in Apothecary JarsSource

Love that these are displayed in apothecary jars!

Rustic Naked Wedding CakeSource

These naked wedding cakes prove they can be just as beautiful and trendy as their traditional counterparts.  These are perfect dainty, romantic cakes for your dessert tables.  Will you be having a naked cake for your big day?

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