Romance Her In Ink With A Custom Poetry Gift

The other night, I was discussing with my beau how women gravitate to love stories, poems, romantic movies and “happily ever after” novels. He argued that women are never satisfied with the romance they have and I countered we wouldn’t have to look for it in books and movies if our men actually tossed in a bit of roses and dancing in every now and then. It’s not that we don’t love our men, we do, but the promise of romance that was in the beginning of every relationship fades. It’s not hard to keep the romance alive guys - although sometimes it does require a bit of planning and the desire to want to keep that passion going. I happen to be a lucky woman because when I walked back into our living room I was greeted by my beau singing romantic love songs which were playing through our TV. Couple that with hot cocoa, a heavy snowstorm here in NY and talk about how we would plan our future wedding and he somehow created the perfect magical evening for me.

Guys, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to rock your woman’s world!  And if you’re looking for something to romance her, but you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Admit it, you’ve been with her forever and you just don’t know what to get her for Valentine’s day, her birthday, Christmas - or even a major event like The Proposal, your Wedding or your Anniversary.  If you want to truly blow her away you could write a poem for her.  Easier said then done, right?  I haven’t met many guys who were wordsmiths or had a way with words.  Not to fret, the poets over at Poetry Salon, founded by Jennifer Styperk are here to help you transform your thoughts into Ink.  Jennifer describes Poetry Salon’s mission as:

dedicated to translating people’s thoughts, feelings, stories and experiences into poetic language

Sure you could give her roses, a moonlit walk on the beach or a horse drawn carriage ride through the park - those are all very romantic - but nothing quite expresses the sentiment of your love like words put onto paper.  And Poetry Salon will do just that — custom make your one of a kind poem using your answers from a personalized interview and print the perfect poem on handmade paper then memorialize it in a custom frame, art object, a cork (like above), roll it into a matchbox or my favorite, on a roll of ‘tape’ that she can display on her desk or in your home.

And if you want to create a truly unique wedding proposal, why not select one of their custom designed boxes with a poem imprinted inside? I’m sure she’ll love the gesture and she’ll be able to keep this unique keepsake box on display on her dresser to always remind her of your engagement.

Prices for Poetry Salon’s unique poems and gifts start at 175+ to create a memorable gift for her. I guarantee you’ll score major marks for the romantic and unexpected gesture.   Has your man ever impressed you with a unique, one of a kind, romantic gift?  What did he do for you?  Share your ideas with me! (and maybe give some other guys some ideas too!)

This is an Inked Weddings original find. No part of this post was paid for or sponsored by Poetry Salon. Inked Weddings received no compensation for this review.

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