Rustic + Romantic Vintage Wedding Invitations


Rustic, Vintage, Carnival inspired and backyard weddings are so popular now.  There’s something charming and romantic about them, kinda like the feeling I get when I look at my grandparents wedding photos or old-fashioned handwritten love letters – you know the feeling I’m talking about.  That’s the same feeling these Ponderosa invitations convey: a rustic, natural, old-time charm.

rustic or steampunk wedding invititations

These would even be perfect for a Steampunk wedding, or any wedding with Vintage retro charm.

rustic wedding invitations

With the name like Ponderosa these also work well for any Western themed or Country wedding.

Do yourself a favor, if you’re looking to cut costs for your wedding, skip all the fillers inside your invites.  Go with an invite and a postcard RSVP card.  That’s it.  Guests really don’t need any more info and you can save yourself a bundle because wedding invitations can cost a fortune! If you like these invites you can click here to be taken to the entire line.

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