Steampunk Inspired Wedding Ideas

Steampunk weddings fascinate me, but unless you are in the “culture” can be a bit baffling. I tried to explain to the beau this weekend as I was putting together this post - exactly what Steampunk was - and I just got “the look” as I’d call it.

I love Steampunk - there is something intriguing and charming about because it evokes the people, manners, and building materials of the Victorian era combined with industrial finishes and a bit of sci-fi. It reminds me of the Old West, mixed with Jack the Ripper England combined with fictitious places, time and spaces. It goes beyond the cliche of corsets, goggles and top hats and can include anything relating to glass eyes, Victorian travelogues, Alice in Wonderland imagery, antique stereoviews of seances, examples of 19th century quackery, gears, crows, Poe, Shelly, Gothic inspired elements, science imagery and retro technology. I can’t really pigeonhole Steampunk into the category of Victorian, even though it has elements of it in. But I know Steampunk when I see it, and I’m sure you know it too.  So in an attempt to define what a Steampunk wedding is to the beau, I’d like to share with you and him, some particular finds that I have happened across the web.  Perhaps you can find some Steampunk inspiration for your modern Victorian wedding. If you are fancying a little Steampunk-inspired wonder just look through the looking glass …
steampunk inspired wedding invitations

Steampunk inspired invitations via Royal Steamline

I love the dark, Victorian feel to these invitations, the texture, the old style fonts, the crow imagery and the ornateness of the design.  Royal Steamline is dedicated to making wedding stationary for Steampunk and alternative wedding themes - you should check them out.

steampunk wedding fashion

 Image found: Google+ Steampunk Community

For the DIY brides, this could easily be constructed with some faux pearls and clips to attach to your dress.  I love how it cascades down and graces her shoulders. These pretty pearls add a hint of whimsy to any Steampunk inspired wedding.

steampunk inspred groom's attire

Top hats, goggles, monocles, pocket watches, vests and long tails all evoke charm for your Steampunk wedding.  I love the contrast of the white snow against his dark demeanor.

steampunk wedding inspiration

Grooms Attire and Wedding Photo from Google+ Steampunk Community via G.D. Falksen on Pinterest

Her red dress is beautiful and stands our in this otherwise monochrome photo.  The snow gently falling adds charm to this photo.

steampunk cufflinksSteampunk BraceletJewelry via London Particulars

Dress up your groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids with Steampunk inspired jewelry.  Great touches for your wedding and the perfect bridal party gifts as well.  London Particulars has a beautiful selection of these elements.

steampunk wedding decorating ideas

steampunk wedding table decor

Using vintage teacups strung as steampunk wedding decor

Image via Steampunk Weddings on Facebook

A great place to find Steampunk wedding decorations is by going antique shopping.  Vintage top hats and teacups strung up can add a unique touch to your venue.  Tablescapes can be made of anything Victorian industrial - chains, lights, ropes, old candle holders, silver teapots, rustic tableware, faux crystal elements, gears and feathers add charm and style.

Mad Hatter's Wedding Cake

Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter Wedding Cake

Mad Hatter’s Wedding Cake via Charly’s Bakery

These cakes are such pretty works of art, I’d hate to dig in a take a bite.  The top hat cake is perfect for a groom’s cake, while the Alice in Wonderland inspired asymmetrical wedding tower would be lovely on display for your guests and desert.

gear inspired wedding bands for steampunk weddings

Gear inspired wedding bands via

Gears are always highlighted in Steampunk design and these industrial inspired wedding bands from Finnish designer Taigakoru would make the perfect rings.

Steampunk Key Wedding Favors

Victorian Style Key Wedding Favors via Little Things Favors

Last but not least, give your guests a little Steampunk inspired gift with these bronzed finished Victorian keys.  The double as a bottle opener, so they are useful - but add some vintage looking paper and ribbon to match your day and you have a unique Steampunk wedding favors.

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