Tattoos & Taco Trucks: Jenna & Bravo’s Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Jenna & Bravo

The Gorgeous, Inked Bride: Jenna, and her Handsome Husband: Bravo.

Location: Ceremony - Crest Hardware; Reception - The Union Pool, Williamsburg, NY

Wedding Date: October 14, 2022

Photographer: Jennifer McFarlane for Stylish Hip Weddings

Jenna’s good friend and client Jennifer (Jenna is her colorist) submitted this photo set after checking out Inked Weddings. We were intrigued to check out the pictures after Jennifer exclaimed, “they are a fun, cute, loving, and beautiful couple AND there was a pig at their wedding!” She also mentioned that they’re both awesome and tattooed, so of course we had to take a closer look (and who doesn’t love pigs?!). And we couldn’t agree with her more - this bride and groom are certainly a perfect fit for Inked Weddings.

Tattooed Bride

The two officially tied the knot at Crest Hardware, followed by a reception at Union Pool. Her sleeves are absolutely beautiful! And the sparrows on her chest are stunning as well.

That menu you see is for tacos sold from the taco truck that was conveniently located within their wedding venue! And check out the DIY wedding favors! You can put anything you want in jars from bath salts to spices. Just add some ribbon and stickers like Jenna did and you instantly have gorgeous gifts for guests without breaking the bank. Plus, the suitcase makes them look so vintage.

We are loving Bravo’s bowler hat…and his awesome beard. “[She was] already a happy, vivacious fun woman by nature,” Jennifer recounts. “Bravo just seemed to elevate that in her.”

Jenna & Bravo Group

And there’s the pig! AND it’s wearing a sweater! What a gorgeous, fun group shot. We wish Jenna & Bravo a long, happy, and healthy marriage! And thank you Jennifer for submitting these fabulous newlyweds!

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