A New Year, A New Life, Welcome to Inked Weddings!

2012 brought many unique changes to my life: The beginning of the year my divorce became finalized and a month later I reconnected with a childhood crush from 20 years ago - from a chance encounter! By the middle of the year, the childhood crush became my boyfriend. I realized just how compatible we were, how similar our views were and how much he loved me for me (even my INK). By October, the beau and I were house hunting, talking about starting a business, a family and planning a future wedding (even though we aren’t engaged yet!)  Sometimes you just know, and I know he’s the one.

I’ve been in the wedding / bridal industry since 2003 - things have changed a lot since then.  I used to have flaming pink hair, multiple piercings (body & face), and I had to cover up my INK when clients came to my office.  Between 2003 and now, I tried to become more “normal” changing my hair color back to dark brown, removing my eye brow piercing, covering my tattoos.  But this year has changed me yet again.  The beau made me realize that its not about fitting in, its about being comfortable in your own skin, in your own INK.

Me, Circa 2004

I guess I always tried to fit in - even when I stood out.  In college, I was a studio art major who changed to business and worked in corporate and I was miserable! I then went into weddings 10 years ago.  This year, I shared an idea with the beau - there were no bridal accessories in the market for women like myself - or other alternative brides.  We had to hunt down artists or create DIY pieces to make our own weddings become unique little creations like ourselves.  I wanted to develop a custom line of art and Ink inspired accessories.  The beau has been behind me ever since … and we’ve been shopping for a home with space for an art studio.  Yea! I finally get to be me!

Then it dawned on me this past month, the bridal industry has a thousand blogs on traditional weddings but only a handful of blogs and communities for alternative and nontraditional weddings.  This was something I could put my mark on. I was inspired to highlight the beauty of standing out and the comfort of fitting in somewhere.  You see that’s what I always wanted to be - accepted.  And now you have a place where you can feel comfortable fitting in, no matter your INK.

I am striving to include everyone that fits into the umbrella of “alternative” and I welcome you to your new home, Inked Weddings - where we encourage you to make your mark on your day.


4888733-vector-feather-and-ink-bottle-icon- Erica, Founder, Inked Weddings, 2012



Founder of Inked Weddings and an 11 year veteran of the wedding industry, Erica has seen it all - and has a growing collection of her own personal Ink. She lives in between New York City and New Jersey with her beau, geek-in-training tween son, a newborn rock star to be, a rescue dog and two finicky Russian blue cats. Loves coffee, high heels, Helsinki and has a penchant for bad boys who are secretly superheros. Connect With Erica on Google+

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