Where to Buy Wedding Favors – Unique Places You Haven’t Thought Of

You’ve probably met the majority of your wedding vendors face-to-face.  You’ve tasted the cake, discussed with the DJ the song list and consulted with the florist, but the one vendor you’ve probably not worked with? Your favors.  Most brides don’t have a go-to for this wedding essential, which leaves the question: Where to Buy Wedding Favors? You’ve might have gotten an approved vendor list from your reception hall or a referral from friends.  But here’s a few places you may not have thought of to shop for wedding favors:Rockridge-Apple-Cider-Wedding-Favors

Local Farms – local farms can supply a variety of fresh and edible wedding favors from mini pies to homemade jams and fresh mini berry baskets of goodness.  Buying local means seasonal, fresh items that will be enjoyed by your guests.  Think of caramel apples in the fall or apple cider. Above image from Rockridge Orchards


Local Beekeepers – A quick search of your state + the term honey wedding favors can provide local sources.  When we searched for NJ we came across E + M Wedding Favors which is only about 10 minutes from us.  Buying locally supports small business and can save you on shipping costs.  Plus honey is good in tea, toast with PB, and on hot cereals. Photo is from E + M Wedding Favors (see link above)



Craft Stores – for the crafty bride you can always visit your local craft supply store.  Some may have pre-made favors (check online first though, as these pre-made versions in your local store tend to be more expensive).  Save up your coupons and buy items to DIY your own favors such as ribbon, scrapbook papers for tags, mini jars or boxes.



A Token from Your First Date or Meeting Place – did your hand brush as you both reached for the same jar of marinara sauce in the grocery store?  Did you find yourself looking for the same types of books in the bookstore? Were you waiting in line for your favorite latte when you first met? What was your first movie date? A friend themed each table with one of their favorite movies and each guest received a copy of that movie to take home.  Another gave out their favorite love poem collection.

craft beer wedding favors


Local Wineries or Breweries – if you are wine or craft beer lovers, why not get small bottles of your favorite drink?  I’m sure they could even come up with a personalized labels for you or you could print up stickers from your own printer to attach.

Amazon – Amazon has everything!  From DIY supplies, to favors, groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts, personalized items even handmade.  And you get free shipping if you belong to Amazon Prime (and they have an amazing collection of streaming music, movies and videos!) so it’s well worth it if you’re purchasing a lot of wedding items this year. You can also just try their free trial and still get free shipping when you order.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

lavender wedding favors

Your local garden supply or home improvement store – lavender or other herbs and spices and make darling sachets, or infused sea salts or olive oil.  This is a great idea if your wedding is in the late summer or early fall so you have a full growing season.  You can pick up bags of seeds at your local home improvement or garden supply store and get organza bags or little buckets for the favors.



Your baker, doughnut shop, or chocolatier can create some pretty cool edible sweets for your guests that that can take home as their favors.  Or enlist these vendors to make a custom dessert / coffee bar for your guests to grab goodies on their way home.

custom usb charger wedding favors


Promotional Goods Websites if you’re looking for koozies, sunglasses, headphones or even these cute usb car chargers you can order a variety of items that are typically sold to businesses but can also be used as cute, techy wedding favors.  The prices are sometimes higher than what you may typically spend but you do get full custom printing that you may not get elsewhere.


stemless wine glass wedding favors

Wedding Shops there are big name, chain stores and websites that sell wedding favors (Such as theknot.com) but like with the rest of the article, I favor small businesses who specialize in just that.  So if you’re going to shop local try googling your state + “wedding favors” (example: NJ wedding favors) and try and find someone local to you.  Perhaps you can go in and visit them or if you have an issue, it can be easy to resolve because they are local.  Plus you’re supporting your community and not big corporations.

Remember almost anything can be turned into a wedding favor, so think outside the box when you are looking to shop for your favors.  If you have a shop, or idea or just want to share what you gave as a wedding favor (and where you got them) let me know in the comments!


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